Validating the ds1 remote agent experiment

The ion propulsion system behaved correctly, but software supporting the remote agent experiment apparently did not deliver confirmation to remote agent that one of its prestart commands to the ion propulsion system was executed.

Therefore remote agent proceeded with the rest of its plan and correctly avoided further commanding of the ion propulsion system.

The last gift from the operations team was one of the small thrusters, used to control the spacecraft's orientation, being stuck closed.

Remote agent correctly responded by switching to an alternate spacecraft control mode that did not depend upon the useless thruster.

If it cannot, it can request help from its sentient terrestrial collaborators.

As all dedicated readers of these logs know, on Monday and Tuesday, remote agent made its debut by formulating a plan and then executing it.

Remote agent devises its plan by combining those goals with its detailed knowledge of both the condition of the spacecraft and principles of how to operate it.

As a hint, the spacecraft continues on course for a July 29 interception of an asteroid with the powerful yet modest name 1992 KD.

The daring encounter, while not a critical part of the mission, will allow a very challenging final test of a portion of DS1's autonomous navigation system.

Then a sensor failed, and remote agent correctly recognized the problem was with the sensor, not the device it was sensing.

This pair of problems is akin to finding that the engine warning light has come on in your car.

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In that experiment, remote agent was faced with 3 more (simulated) failures, each requiring a different kind of response.

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