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“Then the [Navalny] website would not need to be banned, nor would protesters come into the streets,” Rybka added, and winked.

Scandals involving top Russian officials, their friends, families, lovers, and criminal gangs have been rocking President Putin’s world lately.

Every day, Deripaska’s supposed seducer adds more details about her colorful career.

Posing in swimsuits by a pool in Dubai, moving her freakishly big lips (her Instagrams show her features have grown increasingly feline over the last couple of years), Rybka boasts about having seduced at least six billionaires, and about being in a relationship with Deripaska for at least a year. Rybka’s book last year, which Navalny quotes extensively, changed some names and locations, but not much else, it seems, about her time with Deripaska and Prikhodko.

In the last three years, independent investigations have shed light on the Russian president’s best friend, musician Sergei Roldugin, who has a fortune estimated to be at least 0 million kept in offshore accounts, as well as on President Putin’s alleged daughter, Katerina, and the corruption of her husband, Kirill Shamalov.

A few hundred thousand Russians came out to protest in reaction to some of Navalny’s earlier investigations, including one exposing Prime Minister Medvedev’s secret dacha that allegedly was worth 9.16 million.

Then comes what Navalny describes as “dessert” and a “gift” to conspiracy theorists looking at Russian meddling in the American elections.

Navalny gave it the title: “Yachts, Oligarchs, Girls: A Huntress for Men Exposes a Bribe-Taker.”Over the course of 25 minutes, he tells of a group of scantily clad women sent to “attack” his headquarters, apparently to embarrass him.Because of you and those like you, people keep fighting wars now.”The Kremlin immediately made a decision to ban Navalny’s video, claiming it contained classified secret information; and Deripaska filed a complaint in court against Nastya Rybka for leaking videos and recordings from his private yacht. So is the audio recording of an alleged conversation including Prikhodko and Deripaska talking in front of Rybka about relations with the United States.In it, Deripaska mocked former Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Victoria Nuland, who apparently had cordial relations with Prikhodko.Deripaska described Nuland, perhaps ironically, as Prikhodko’s friend, and explained to Rybka that Nuland was responsible for Russia’s bad relations with the United States.When she was Rybka’s age, Deripaska’s voice says on the recording, “She spent a month on a Russian whaling boat and after this, she hates the country.” (Smearing Nuland with reminiscences about her alleged spoiled behavior while in the Soviet Union on an exchange program in Odessa, Ukraine, in 1982—on the Black Sea, very far from the whale fisheries—has been a fixture of anti-Obama-administration propaganda.)Rybka, whose real name is Anastasia Vashukevich, made Navalny’s investigation easy.

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