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There was no way she could get anyway near the Oscars, even with her money. '' ''I worked in America and made some useful contacts.'' ''I can tell Mike's keen and I'm interested.'' Alina wondered what the flip side would be.''Suppose you win at this poker, Greg, what do you want? '' She glanced at her husband as she let the idea settle into her brain. Besides,'' she said, ''Greg is only going to see me in the nude for a few seconds ...Author's note: These chapters reveal some of the exploits of an expert card-player, Greg, who uses his skills to get his way with married women. This was prime real estate on the west side of London.He never discloses that he has played poker at competitions in Las Vegas and, as such, has an overwhelming advantage over amateur players. We're in the dark.'' She felt him press his thumb against her clit. The money came from her father, a Russian who traded in gold and silver and supplied Alina with a huge income.

So long as Mike did the talking she was happy to play along. Her husband, Mike wasn't the greatest lover but he was reliable, honest and he wasn't hung-up about the wealth that Alina brought to the marriage.Ten minutes later, Greg won the poker round and, as he gathered the cards, he suggested, ''I've got an idea. Which means if either of you beat me this time I will get you the tickets plus an invite to the Victoria's Secret Afterparty. Mike looked at Greg, ''Provided you stay sitting and not touching.'' Alina interrupted, ''You haven't asked me about Greg sitting and not touching.'' Mike shrugged and chuckled.It's a higher risk for me.'' Alina frowned as she thought of the downside. She wondered what it would be like to have sex with someone watching - a voyeur.If her husband had said ''no'' she would have agreed. Looking at his eyes she noticed the flecks of silver, a reflection of the flames from the log fire. '' A part of her mind had already accepted defeat at poker. It somehow felt better to Alina that she wasn't taking all her kit off just yet.But Mike had left the option open, to have the bet, and pay the price if they lost. Reaching for her wine she glanced down Greg's body as he stood to throw a log on the fire. And her words had hinted at something else - touching perhaps. The action simply pushed the hem of her skirt higher up her thighs. ''Might learn something.'' Greg seemed to have the wisdom to say nothing. Striptease time.'' Nervousness made her get on with it. Greg remained seated and murmured, ''Take it slowly.'' He watched Alina unbutton her white shirt and peel it off to reveal a pink lacy bra. She shimmied out of her black skirt which left her standing in her high heels, dark holdups and knickers to match her bra. Greg's authority seemed to have set the scene, as Alina willingly pulled off Mike's T-shirt and his trousers, and his socks. While Mike and Alina exchanged French kisses, Mike had his hands lightly around her waist.

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