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Or Hotazhell, or geezy5000 or something, and you could have all these crazy conversations with people that were within ten feet of you.

And you didn’t know who it was, so the options for cruising multiplied in so many ways. In 2004, these Arabic satellites starting having all these music-video channels.

Cruising wasn’t as hardcore as it was in the Nineties. When cruising started, every time you left the house, it felt like you were trespassing on male territory. And to this day she talks like that when she’s on the phone with a man. You’re almost thirty, like, when are you going to stop talking to guys that way?

He might tail you to your house, or have a friend tail you.

That was the place to cruise, and I would fantasize about going there when I was, like, fourteen.

During siesta hours and during the nighttime and also on weekend nights, it was the place to be.

From your street address, he could find out through any number of sources — usually from dudes at some ministry that stores people’s addresses — who your parents were, your tribal status, your ethnic background and ancestry, your wealth, and, most importantly, your sect.

Either you’d be a potential bride, if you ticked all the right boxes, or be relegated to being just another booty phone-girl. When I came back to Kuwait after being abroad, I guess it was in 2004, things had really changed.

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